Graphite Group

The Graphite Group is a student-run consulting group based in the Randall Lewis Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our consultants partner with businesses – new, growing, and long-standing – as well as other organizations to help our clients overcome challenges, solve problems, and achieve their goals. The Graphite Group has advised managers in several industries on a variety of strategic decisions including product development, business growth, and market entry. Our consultants bring expertise, energy, and a fresh perspective to help our clients generate value.

The opportunity to participate in Graphite Group projects is an important element of the experiential education the CIE provides. We take a long-term view of our consultants’ professional development, careers aspirations: consulting projects help prepare students for future roles as business leaders and innovators. As part of their involvement in the CIE, Graphite Group consultants participate in skill-building workshops, events, and mentoring relationships to help prepare for consulting engagements and their future careers.

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