Job Hunt

This page contains tips for finding startup jobs perfect for you.



AngelList is a platform for startup founders, employees, and investors to build new connections and find new opportunities within the industry.

Its featureset is powerful, from angel-syndicate creation to filtering through openings at startups around the world. For the CIE Fellows Candidates, the latter is most important. When you create a profile on AngelList, the process is similar to other websites (i.e. LinkedIn or Handshake). It’s recommended that you populate and update your profile similar to how you would on LinkedIn–the more concise and enticing your profile is, the more likely you are to hear back from applications.

Assuming you’ve created an AngelList account with an accurate profile, you can now proceed searching for jobs. You can find’s jobs page right here. Immediately, you will see numerous startups posting job listings. The experience level ranges from senior engineer to ‘intern’. To find internships on this page, it is recommended that you take advantage of filters, similar to the image below. The keyword to find is “intern” or “internship”.

Now, how do you optimize your internship hunt so you don’t waste time applying for already-filled positions? Here are some recommended tips.

Firstly, make sure that you have the jobs page sorted by “Newest”. This helps you make sure that you’re not applying to year-old postings. From there, pay close attention to the details of each startup and its job description(s). The badges below are your best friend in understanding whether a company is great for you. Growing fast and recently funded are great signs that a company is not only experiencing positive growth, but can also offer monetary compensation for your work. 

When you click apply for a job, a form similar to the image below should display. When you “write a note” to the hiring contact, treat it like a cover letter. Highlight any professional experiences that are most relevant to the position you are applying for.

Additionally, make sure to read the entire job description. Some entrepreneurs prefer to communicate with applicants outside of AngelList, and will mention that applications have to be sent via email or LinkedIn instead. Do not waste time sending an application via AngelList when the description says “Email with your resume and a cover letter”.



BuiltIn has openings for various tech startups, ranging from just-launched to Series B or C. They divide these postings by location, specifically American cities with established or growing entrepreneurship ecosystems.



Dribbble is perfect for anyone interested in, or hoping to pursue a career in, visual design. On the platform, design is more of an umbrella-term; users show logos, websites, apps, and more branding guidelines that they’ve worked on or created. 

If you’ve worked on designing UI/UX, or even logos and marketing graphics, in Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., it is recommended that you share your work on Dribbble. At the very least, it is a great substitute for having an official portfolio website–you can just share the link to your Dribbble profile with employers to show your portfolio.

It is just as helpful to find inspiration in other’s designs. Thinking of a “health app”? Some users have made sketches of beautiful health apps. Simple elements, from logo design to color palette, can inspire your own portfolio.