Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh ’92

Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh is the founder of betwixt.us, the conversation changing networking platform that helps people better tell their stories and collide with the people and resources they need to succeed. Ask her about it, she’s really passionate! She is a strategist by trade, but has also been called “a CEO’s secret weapon”, probably because she’s a ninja. She is known for seeing what others miss and has an “uncanny ability to stick her finger in the wound.” Which is a real thing a real person said about her.

Jumana gained her audacious reputation as the strategic force behind some of the world’s best brands: turning Yahoo into a “Life Engine”, helping Hilton Hotels “take you places”, and first posing the question “What’s in your wallet?” for Capital One. She also built the strategy for Ally Bank, one of the most successful bank launches in history, and during one of the worst economic recessions. Jumana was recently one of 3 partners that opened the New York Office of Leo Burnett NY, securing 3 global pieces of business in the first six months. Most notably, Jumana can be seen not sitting but perching in chairs and eating a lot of sour candy. Like, too much. Feel free to ask her about her work, but she will most likely turn the conversation around on you. Again, she is a ninja.