Arielle Zuckerberg ’11

Arielle Zuckerberg joined KPCB in 2015 and focuses on early-stage investments in the firm’s digital practice as part of the venture team.

Prior to KPCB, Ms. Zuckerberg worked for Humin, where she led product for the company’s mobile apps. She started her career as a product manager by day and Hackathon host by night at Wildfire Interactive, Inc., which was acquired by Google in 2012. After the acquisition, Arielle worked as a product manager on social ads at Google.

Outside of KPCB, Arielle has made several angel investments across the food tech and health sectors. She received a B.A. degree from Claremont McKenna College, where she studied Philosophy and Computer Science.

Described by friends and family as curious, optimistic, and open-minded, Arielle loves playing volleyball, skiing, cycling, and seeing live music. She’s also a packaging and furniture design enthusiast, and is hopelessly addicted to gadgets and fancy tea.