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Luncheon with Nicholas Shurgot ’95

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship welcomes Nicholas Shurgot ‘95, CEO of Saddle Peak ...

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CIE is proud to promote and recognize all student projects at the Claremont Colleges. CIE wishes to support any student project through student, mentor, and faculty feedback.  Moreover, CIE wants to highlight your achievements through a brief description on our site. We want to hear about all the wonderful projects at the Claremont Colleges! So, please contact us!


Learn More SHARE / SHARE Scrubs

SHARE aims to bridge the gap in healthcare quality between developed and developing nations through: Conducting initial needs assessments and assemble 40 ft. containers of equipment and supplies to be shipped (partnering with MedShare) Providing inventory and tracking software for the equipment so we can monitor the lifetime of the equipment and stay up to date with repairs, as well as to conduct a 3 month […]

Ellie Hayes Caps

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Ellie Hayes is a niche Lifestyle Brand for customers who enjoy the outdoors and express themselves through art. (Skate, Surf, Snowboard, Hike, Swim, Run, Bike, Paint, Sing, Rap, Dance, Write, Travel, etc.) This customer is also looking for that perfect 5-Panel Cap which expresses their bright, unrestricted, creative and free-spirited personality. Ellie Hayes understands the needs of their customers and provides a unique type of […]

Inspired Origami

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Inspired Origami is dedicated to the unique idea that the ancient art of Origami can be revolutionized into a bold and modern fashion statement. Since 2009, it has been our passion to innovate and create new styles and forms from this Japanese tradition. By using our invention of integrated non-toxic plastification on Origami paper, we are able to make our products waterproof and durable. Our […]

Raffle for Good

Learn More Raffle for Good

Raffle For Good is an online fundraising platform for charities, schools, and other non-profit organizations. RaffleForGood.com is the only fundraising site to offer both raffles and auctions, and we’re committed to bringing fundraising into the future. Alongside auctions, we’ve turned the traditional raffle into an interactive game that makes online fundraising beneficial for all parties involved. For players, our raffle game makes it fun and […]


Learn More FuzeUs

FuzeUs is an online social networking service and SaaS designed to connect and empower non-profits, corporations, and individuals. Registered users can create profiles, automatically update volunteer activities/hours, keep track of projects/donated money and upload photos and videos to interact with friends, non-profits and corporations. Through this unique social sharing platform, non-profit organizations and corporations can effectively manage and boost their social presence. Non-profits can show […]


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Providing insight for smart investment Augno, which stands for augmented knowledge, is a learning engine that provides not just information but insight.  Our database needs a better model than a table to achieve higher intelligence, and the (short) answer is a hypergraph. A hypergraph can be used to represent anything in the universe, at least from an information-theoretic point of view, and it comes with sophisticated mathematical operations that allow for intelligent behavior, and […]


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Founded in May 2012 and launched January 2013, Seersucker is a digital magazine dedicated to publishing the best writing from millennials. Young voices are vastly underrepresented in the media and we are changing that. Seersucker judges media solely on its content, depth and perspective. A writer’s credentials and resume aren’t as important as what they put on the page. Writers should write about what they are passionate […]


Learn More Serengetee

Founded in 2012, Serengetee is a social clothing venture that incorporates global fabric into clothing products, hence our slogan ‘Wear the World’. Each Serengetee fabric is partnered with a corresponding cause, giving Serengetee the chance to make a difference in the communities that inspire our designs. In only one year, the Serengetee brand has grown rapidly, gaining recognition among young consumers nationwide.

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