Physical Space

Physical Space

The CIE building is a space for student enrichment and collaboration.  Room descriptions are below.  Click here to reserve space!

A mix of creative, casual lounges and professional meeting places, the Center aims to create an environment where any student at the 5C’s is encouraged to develop their own interest in entrepreneurship regardless of experience. Students are encouraged to meet in any one of the CIE’s offices or open spaces to work on venture development or simply to bounce ideas off one another.

Students can reserve a space for group work or make an appointment with a CIE team member. From the whiteboard walls to a Mac Desktop, the Center is the perfect place for students to imagine and create their next venture.

sit room picture

The Situation Room

Seats: 8

Features: projector & screen, phone, two whiteboard walls, and a bowl full of candy.

This is the war room. This is the room you reserve when you and your team need to get down to business. This is the largest room in the CIE and is great for holding meetings, presentations, strategy sessions, or just for having everyone around the same table.

oval office

The Oval Office

Seats: 5+

Features: Windows computer, a HUGE whiteboard wall, a desk, and nice collaborative round table.

As the great Dick Cheney once said, “there’s no such thing as a routine day in the Oval Office.” Nobody knows this better than your team. This room is perfect for hosting everyone in one room to brainstorm, strategize, or just get to work on that pesky website.



Seats: 2+

Features: drawing table, printer, whiteboard wall, and one brand-spanking-new Mac computer

If you want to be transported to the land of Apple, Ideo, and Facebook to work on a solo project or with a partner, this is the perfect room. Our computer is set up with Adobe Suite too so you can mock-up some posters or even a website. Remember, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

To reserve one of these rooms, click here.